Don Vah-Shir /Red classic Tabby
imported from Russia 
from Cattery Van-Shir
Afina Ljubov Faraona/chocolate classic Torbie
imported from Russia

Balduchi Kiana/chocolate spotted Tabby
Award of excellence for 2007
Best Peterbald of the Year

Eseda Cattery is  a  full service cattery breeding facility, specializing in breeding and selling show-quality Peterbald cats.

At Eseda Cattery, sphynx kittens and cats are our primary passion. We know that the very best aspects about these remarkable hairless creatures are there loving nature and genuinely friendly attitude. Their personality is short of being a phenomenon. 

They are raised with care to help them develop their sweet, lovable, playful and outgoing personalities. From the birth, kittens live in a friendly family environment (kennel-free atmosphere) and are extremely sociable. We strive to produce kittens that exemplify and evolve the sphinx-breeding standards. They are adored from birth so that they could become valued members of any household.

The cattery does not provide stud service and is not established as business, but as the greatest passion of its owners.  We sell our own show-quality Peterbalds Sphynx kittens. 
Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email us to learn more about our breeding and referral services. Thank you for visiting us.

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